Valentine’s Day: How to talk about love.

by Liz Walter
February 14th is Valentine’s Day, when people all over the world express their love for one another. With that in mind, we thought it would be good to give you not only some useful words to talk about love but also the phrases or ‘word partners’ you need to use them in a natural way.

The first and most important thing you need to know is that we fall in love. Fall is really the only verb that sounds natural with love, probably because it expresses the idea of what happens to us so well. Falling in love is a kind of accident – usually a happy accident, but one that we are not able to control. We express a similar idea when we say that someone is madly in love, or even head-over-heels in love, as if love makes that person feel crazy and out of control.

The Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote: “My love is like a red, red rose…“, and red roses have become a symbol of love and a common Valentine’s gift. The image of a flower is also used when we say that love blossoms or romance blossoms, meaning that it grows from a small feeling into something open and beautiful.

Not everyone believes in love at first sight – falling in love with someone the moment you see them. Nevertheless, it is still a popular romantic idea that two people see each other for the first time, their eyes meet and their hearts pound (beat very hard). At that moment, they know they have found love.

When people fall in love quickly, and especially if they get married after a short period of time, we call it a whirlwind romance. Once again, the image is of something that we cannot control; a strong, violent wind that blows us in circles and makes us unable to think clearly.

When people declare or proclaim their love, they announce it clearly, and when we are sure that love is real, we call it true love. A more formal way of saying ask someone to marry you, is propose or propose marriage, while pop the question is an informal way (notice that it’s not necessary to say what the question is!).

A fairytale wedding is a beautiful and romantic wedding ceremony, at which the couples make their marriage vows (their promises to one another). After that, everyone hopes that the couple will remain happily married, and – as in all the best fairy stories – will live happily ever after.

14 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: How to talk about love.

  1. Sergio Rodrigues

    What`s the most common way of asking if someone has asked you to marry him – has he proposed yet or has he asked you to marry him?

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  5. Kornkamol

    “Love” …there’s no crystal clear meaning about “Love” be enough to compare the real meaning about it. Because “Love” is just only the feeling that once it may touch on each mind when we could find somebody who could make us felt or touched some soft and beautiful feeling in our heart or mind, like there’s some flower is blooming in our heart with the picture of that one is painting the beautiful part of her/him to show us in the way which that one want it to be. Those things all would be the main cause or reason to make the feeling of love has touched on each mind. Consequently, our heart would evaluate those 2 things from the picture which that one has painted to let us see her/ him in that way with the soft and beautiful feeling and mixed them up together…then there would be another 2 things have appeared in our heart always… they are…”Trust and Faith”. Trust and Faith in the picture that our heart has seen with confidence in the beautiful thing that we had touched it and addicted it. Trust and Faith would bring expectation and persuade our mind to do all the best to that one. Now you will see another one thing walk into our life more…it is “Infatuation”…infatuate with the trap of the illusion of that beautiful picture and call all those process is “Love”….until the illusion has gone we would touched about the truth of life of the faked picture. Trust and Faith would be gone away like a dust. Yes….beginning from here everything about “Love” would be changed totally. The battle in our heart would start ever since then. The battle between “Love & Detestation”. This battle would fight against together in your heart with miserable and struggled with getting stuck in the sadness and conflict with the unbelievable feeling like there’s no way out and didn’t know what to do, they all are rolling in deep of your heart. Time and consciousness could heal all everything believe me. One day when our heart has been touching about the freedom and the battle has gone without any feeling left in our heart…no love…no detestation…no anger…no revenge and touch about peaceful heart. You will realize about the freedom and the thing you must do next with the crystal clear in your heart. This is the story of “Love” in my opinion that I wish to compose on today the “Valentine’s Day”. Happy Valentine’s Day with my purify and peaceful heart to give all of you my good friends

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