New words – 17 February 2014

footsie noun informal a photograph of one’s own foot

Love the footsie!

[Heard in conversation (girl, teens) 13 August 2013]

legsie noun informal a photograph of one’s own legs

But holiday social media photos brings another phenomenon – the legsie. Photos, typically taken by the pool or beach, of the bottom half of our legs (as an example see my legs poolside in Miami in the photo above).

[ 03 August 2013]

Oversharers beware, not everyone wants constant updates on your summer break. Try to hold back from the selfies, the legsies and all those smug hashtags.

[ 31 July 2013]

~ adjective slang online symbol used before a noun to show that you do not think that something is really what it purports to be

Recently, I’ve noticed increased usage of the tilde, used online to signify disdain at a word or concept: ‘Perez Hilton’s ~journalism’, ‘David Cameron’s ~caring policies’, and so on.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 16 September 2013]

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  1. Luc007

    Can’t wait till someone coins the phrase “privesie” for a photograph of one’s own private parts ! 😉 Narcissus for ever !

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