New words – 3 November 2014


usie noun informal a self-taken photo of a group of people

Cute! Looks like Daddy Wiz put 3 chainzzz on his Handsome son, Sebastian, and snapped a quick usie.

[ 03 April 2014]



Throwback Thursday noun slang a time for reminiscing (often used as a hashtag)

It’s #ThrowbackThursday (or #TBT if you prefer), which means is taking a look back to move forward on some of today’s hottest stories.

[ 10 April 2014]

fave verb to mark a tweet as a favourite on Twitter (trademark)

The most popular reason for faving something? People simply liked the tweet.

[ 04 June 2014]

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New words – 27 October 2014

highfrequency trading

high-frequency trading noun a type of stock market trading that uses very complex technology to trade extremely quickly, often making tiny profits which nevertheless add up to substantial sums

Lewis’s book, Flash Boys, is driving a huge amount of attention toward the topic of high frequency trading, and it has rekindled some of [sic] basic arguments over its impact on markets and investors.

[ 01 April 2014]

dark pool noun a private stock market, usually owned by a major financial institution

The dark pool is not required to report whatever happens to it in real time to the world outside of it.

[WNYC: Leonard Lopate Show (culture and information) 23 April 2014]

Nisa noun a new version of the ISA, a UK tax-free savings scheme

‘Nisa’ rules come into effect from July, but there is still confusion over the time limits for topping up fixed-rate cash Isas.

[ 12 May 2014]

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New words – 20 October 2014


life tracking noun the use of one or more devices or apps to monitor health, exercise, how time is spent, etc.

[Tikker] is the latest – and perhaps the creepiest – device in the tech-driven trend toward what is called life tracking.

[AARP The Magazine (US over-50s magazine) June 2014]


IoT abbreviation internet of things; appliances and devices that connect wirelessly to the Internet to receive instructions from users

Like most tech that the government chooses to invest in, I have a sinking feeling that the PM couldn’t actually define the IoT.

[PC pro (UK special interest magazine) June 2014]

spim noun spam that is delivered via internet messaging

One of the most effective ways for you to protect yourself from Spim is to block messages from people, who are not on your buddy list, or to create a permission list and only allow messages from those you put on it.

[ 03 April 2014]

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New words – 13 October 2014


spoonula noun a cooking implement that is a combination of a spoon and a spatula

Pour the mixture back into the pan and cook on low-medium, scraping and folding the mixture with a silicone spoonula (I love this one).

[ 06 April 2014]


clean eating noun the dietary practice of avoiding processed, refined foods and eating fresh wholefoods

Take BuzzFeed’s Clean Eating Challenge, Feel Like A Champion At Life

[ 07 May 2014]

nanofood noun food containing nanoparticles of silver to prevent spoilage and prolong shelf life

‘Major food companies are investing billions in nanofood and nanopackaging,’ Friends of the Earth stated in a 2014 report.

[ 11 June 2014]

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New words – 6 October 2014


pollen vortex noun extremely high levels of pollen caused by the simultaneous blooming of trees and grass as a result of the prolonged and harsh winter

Allergy season is the worst. And in case you haven’t heard, this year’s allergy season is going to be the worst of the worst, with a ‘pollen vortex’ set to torture us all for a full two weeks straight. A pollen VORTEX, people — this is no joke.

[ 23 April 2014]

fire ice noun methane hydrate, a potential fuel source found under ocean beds and layers of permafrost

Otherwise known as fire ice, methane hydrate presents as ice crystals with natural methane gas locked inside.

[ 17 April 2014]

fracktivist noun an anti-fracking campaigner

Teenage dramatics and fracktivist rhetoric make for a scary combination.

[ 06.05.14]

We can’t live in Colorado when our elected officials that are paid by your tax dollars are not working on behalf of you and the environment of Colorado,’ said fracktivist leader Shane Davis, who acts as the film’s narrator. ‘We’ve got a huge struggle. We have a compromise bill that Jared Polis is happily accepting.’

[ 12 June 2014]

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New words – 29 September 2014


loom band noun a very small, brightly-coloured rubber band which is woven together with others in a variety of configurations to make bracelets and other items

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a loom band bracelet on her recent trip to New Zealand, and David Beckham, One Direction’s Harry Styles and the Duchess of Cornwall have done the same.

[ 25.06.14]

velaterapia noun a treatment for split ends that involves burning the hair and which originated in Brazil

Brazilian model Barbara Fialho, who has walked the runway for Victoria’s Secret, swears by velaterapia – a procedure which uses an open flame to burn off spit ends.

[ 17.06.14]

normcore noun a fashion trend for bland, undistinguished clothes

Normcore is the antithesis of the highly stylized, dark-denim, vintage-tee hipster look.

[ 16.04.14]

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New words – 22 September 2014


IIFYM abbreviation if it fits your macros; refers to a type of diet (often favoured by sportspeople) that allows people to eat what they want as long as their diet contains the right number of calories and macronutrients (fats, carbs, etc)

For those of you that follow iifym how do you insure to meet the requirements for carbs protein and fat at the end of the day?

[ 27 February 2014]

Mint abbreviation the countries of Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey considered together as they are thought to be possible emerging economic giants

So what is it about the so-called Mint countries that makes them so special? Why these four countries?

[ 06 January 2014]

Sindie noun (a woman who fits the description of) single income now divorced

Luxury brands are reporting booming sales of erotic products from a new group of women known as ‘Sindies’.

[ 26 March 2014]

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New words – 15 September 2014


cryptocurrency noun a generic term for bitcoin-type e-currencies

Why are cryptocurrencies valuable? In the case of Bitcoin, because it was the first and is by far the largest, receiving the majority of monetary and media attention, with the one harmoniously building the other.


[ 15 February 2014]

life-tracking adjective describes wearable gadgets which record daily activities, such as exercise and sleep, and also keep a record of things done during the day, for example the number of photos the wearer takes

Sony Mobile president and CEO Kuni Suzuki took the stage at the tail end of Sony’s CES press conference to show off what he called ‘the tiniest gadget Sony has ever made’ — the life-tracking Sony Core.

[ 07 January 2014]

doxxing noun the activity of publicly revealing someone’s identity and other personal information online

This kind of outing, known as ‘doxxing’, involves scouring the Internet for personal data […] and then publicly linking that information to the perpetrator’s transgression.

[New York Times Magazine (US news magazine) 19 January 2014]

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New words – 8 September 2014


couplie noun informal a self-shot of a couple

The selfie is over! Oh good, we hear you cry. But no, it’s just been replaced by the ‘couplie’.

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 17 February 2014]


digital surgery noun post production techniques used to make actors appear taller and slimmer, and less wrinkled

Stretching the truth: Hollywood film makers now using ‘digital surgery’ to alter female stars to make them look taller and thinner.

[ 09 February 2014]

eco-thriller noun a thriller with an ecological subject matter

‘The Cove’ director hints his next eco-thriller may be out this year

[ 16 January 2014]

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New words – 1 September 2014


raingarden noun a planted sunken area of garden that absorbs rainwater runoff from roofs, drives, etc.

Financial incentives drove up numbers of green roofs in Germany 19-fold in just 12 years. In Melbourne, Australia, a five-year scheme is establishing 10,000 “raingardens” — flower and vegetable beds underlain with sandy soil to help water filter away.

[ 03 January 2014]

greenhouse noun the part of a car that includes the roof and windows

While the production version carries over many cues from the concept [version of the car], the higher-set greenhouse from the Impreza reveals the truth: There’s no new platform beneath that flared bodywork.

[Car and Driver (US automotive magazine) Jan 2014]

frost-quake noun an earthquake-like phenomenon brought on by extreme cold. It is caused by the expansion of moisture in the ground as it freezes, leading to the sudden release of energy and an accompanying loud boom.

In fact, they are merely hearing the after-effects of the frost quakes – or cryoseism – which are more commonly found on a glacier in the polar regions.

[ 05 January 2014]

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