New words – 22 September 2014


IIFYM abbreviation if it fits your macros; refers to a type of diet (often favoured by sportspeople) that allows people to eat what they want as long as their diet contains the right number of calories and macronutrients (fats, carbs, etc)

For those of you that follow iifym how do you insure to meet the requirements for carbs protein and fat at the end of the day?

[ 27 February 2014]

Mint abbreviation the countries of Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey considered together as they are thought to be possible emerging economic giants

So what is it about the so-called Mint countries that makes them so special? Why these four countries?

[ 06 January 2014]

Sindie noun (a woman who fits the description of) single income now divorced

Luxury brands are reporting booming sales of erotic products from a new group of women known as ‘Sindies’.

[ 26 March 2014]

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