New words – 20 October 2014


life tracking noun the use of one or more devices or apps to monitor health, exercise, how time is spent, etc.

[Tikker] is the latest – and perhaps the creepiest – device in the tech-driven trend toward what is called life tracking.

[AARP The Magazine (US over-50s magazine) June 2014]


IoT abbreviation internet of things; appliances and devices that connect wirelessly to the Internet to receive instructions from users

Like most tech that the government chooses to invest in, I have a sinking feeling that the PM couldn’t actually define the IoT.

[PC pro (UK special interest magazine) June 2014]

spim noun spam that is delivered via internet messaging

One of the most effective ways for you to protect yourself from Spim is to block messages from people, who are not on your buddy list, or to create a permission list and only allow messages from those you put on it.

[ 03 April 2014]

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    1. Hi, it’s an abbreviation for ‘Internet of Things’ in which the I and T are capitalised, so the capitals remain in the abbreviation. ‘of’ is not capitalised as it is a small function word.

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