New words – 2 October 2023

a plate with crackers, raisins, nuts, pickles, olives, vegetables and cheese, representing the concept of "girl dinner"
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girl dinner noun [C]
UK /ˈgɜːl ˌdɪn.ər/ US /ˈgɝːl ˌdɪn.ɚ/
a simple meal a woman makes for herself, usually consisting of small amounts of different foods, none of which need preparation or cooking

You’re home by yourself and therefore can eat whatever you want for dinner, without having to consider the food preferences or nutrition needs of others. You grab a bag of popcorn, some bread, some cheese and a hunk of chocolate, and settle into the couch for a night of snacking and watching TV. Is there anything more glorious? Welcome to “girl dinner.”
[, 18 July 2023]

lazy girl job noun [C]
UK /ˈleɪ.zi gɜːl ˌdʒɒb/ US /ˈleɪ.zi gɝːl ˌdʒɑːb/
a job that is well paid, does not demand long hours or too much effort, and can often be done remotely

“A lazy girl job is basically something you can just quiet quit,” she says in the two-and-a-half minute video. “There’s lots of jobs out there where you could make, like, 60 to 80 K and not do that much work and be remote.” As an example, she zeroes in on non-technical roles, where she feels the hours fall within a 9-to-5 schedule, and believes the pay is enough to allow for some financial freedom.
[, 26 July 2023]

tomato girl noun [C]
UK /təˈmɑː.təʊ ˌgɜːl/ US / təˈmeɪ.t̬oʊ ˌgɝːl/
a style for young women based on looking healthy, relaxed and typically feminine, said to be inspired by how they would dress and behave when on holiday in a sunny Mediterranean country

Contrary to the name, being a tomato girl has nothing to do with enjoying the fruit or tomato sauce, but instead centers around everything that could come to mind when thinking of tomatoes: lounging in the Italian summer weather, drinking spritz cocktails and also wearing breezy outfits that incorporate a red-themed color palette.
[, 29 June 2023]

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21 thoughts on “New words – 2 October 2023

  1. Denisova

    In Russian we call lazy girl jobs as “работа не бей лежачего”, which word for word translates as a job not needing to fight someone laying overthrown

    1. Orhan Baysal

      Words with negative connotations only have the such meanings when you assign it to them, the word could be utilized in a more playful manner, or a silly tone. It will only create a stereotype if you let it create that stereotype.

      1. Another perspective, Jasmine and Orhan:

        There is a person called Athena Walker who writes every week on Substack on their place EYE OF THE STORM.

        Their latest post was NEGATIVE NEUTRAL WORDS which deals with approaches to this very thing

        [NEGATIVE NEUTRAL WORDS – subtitled “How connotation distorts reality”].

        The two big words that Walker talks about are MANIPULATION and TRIBALISM.

        For instance, when it comes to manipulation – a lot of people think they and others are bad because they are manipulative or manipulate situations.

        And the nature of tribalism and tribes have changed a lot.

        Another word Athena Walker talked about was “selfish”.

        [and related words like selfish and self-interested].

        Someone else who has interesting views on gender is Katie Jgln.

    1. Those are dinners which anyone can make, Viajes.

      And, even though English is not a gendered tongue per se; there are gendered expectations which come through the language and communication!

      I used to call what is now “girl dinner” … supper.

  2. Ann S.

    These “new words” are sexist, and even misogynistic, and only contribute to perpetuate sexist gender roles and stereotypes

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