New words – 17 April 2023

a living room full of brightly coloured furniture
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dopamine decor noun [C]
UK /ˌdəʊ.pə.miːn ˈdek.ɔːʳ/ US /ˌdoʊ.pəˌmiːn ˈdeɪˈkɔːr/
the trend of using bright colours and patterns when decorating and furnishing your home to make you happier and improve your mental health

Dopamine decor has been inspired by a catwalk trend where people choose to dress in colourful clothes to enhance their mood. The serotonin soaked concept is now emerging in the interiors world too with home owners choosing bright colours and patterns rich in shape and design to express joy and excitement within the home.
[, 6 July 2022]

chorebot noun [C]
UK /ˈtʃɔː.bɒt/ US /ˈtʃɔːr.bɑːt/
a robot that is designed to do housework and tasks such as laundry, shopping, etc.

I’ve just read a frankly horrifying report concerning the imminent arrival of so-called “chorebots” designed to automate fully 17 domestic tasks. When I say “imminent”, we’re looking at within a decade, which is soon enough. And when I say domestic tasks, I’m talking about the bot stacking the dishwasher, getting a load in the wash, hanging it on the airer afterwards, doing bits and bobs of grocery shopping, that kind of caper.
[, 4 March 2023]

hipstoric adjective
UK /hɪpˈstɒr.ɪk/ US /hɪpˈstɔːr.ɪk/
a way of decorating your home where old furniture, ornaments etc. are combined with a modern style

A fusion of the words “hip” and “historic,” the newly coined “hipstoric” home decor trend is set to dominate in 2023, according to interior designers … Consumers are casting mass-produced pieces aside in favor of reimagined antiques and vintage finds. Combining old with new, this popular eclectic aesthetic is an easy way to add a unique and personal touch to the home and infuse it with a sense of nostalgia.
[, 7 February 2023]

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5 thoughts on “New words – 17 April 2023

  1. I have read about the dopamine trend under DOPAMINE DRESSING.

    Decor would have been a very logical progression.

    And many of the houses I know are hipstoric.

    What about the chorebot?

      1. There are probably chorebots and minibots which are quite affordable.

        Or they can be rented from community service organisations.

        Some chorebots are already brought into care homes.

        For example, in the Netherlands, some are buddies.

        And some come in the form of pets.

        Thank you BbProf!

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