New words – 3 April 2023

several old pairs of jeans spread out on a table with sewing equipment, buttons and cloth patches
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thrift flipping noun [U]
/ˈθrɪft ˌflɪp.ɪŋ/
the activity of buying second-hand clothes, turning them into new, more attractive items and sometimes selling them for a higher price

Thrift flipping, or upcycling thrifted clothing to wear or sell, is a trend that has increased in popularity over the past year. From cutting a shirt to sewing patches onto pants, thrift flipping is a way to rework clothing purchased from a local second-hand shop.
[, 13 December 2022]

de-influencing noun [U]
the activity of describing certain products on social media and saying why you would not recommend buying them

In recent weeks, a new trend called de-influencing has taken over TikTok … The initial de-influencing videos that began circulating in January featured social media users talking about the viral products they wouldn’t recommend to discourage overconsumption. Now that the term de-influencing has become more popular, there are videos under the hashtag for nearly every niche.
[, 16 February 2023]

anti-haul noun [C]
UK /ˈæn.tiˌhɔːl/ US /ˈæn.t̬iˌhɑːl/
a type of social media content where someone describes a number of products that they do not think their followers should buy

The anti-haul is a simple concept; it’s a form of content where instead of recommending a product, one shows their audience products they didn’t like and what didn’t work for them. This originally started from a reddit post, where fellow beauty redditors discussed products that they personally didn’t enjoy. Beauty TikTokers such as Beauty By Tellie shared her thoughts and created an anti-haul of her own.
[, 18 November 2022]

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