New words – 26 December 2022

an aerial photograph of a river meandering through a dense forest
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space brolly noun [C]
UK /ˈspeɪs ˌbrɒl.i/ US /ˈspeɪs ˌbrɑː.li/
a type of antenna in the shape of an umbrella that can measure Earth’s forests from space and collect information on the extent to which they are being destroyed

It looks for all the world like a giant brolly, but there’s no rain where it’s going. This immense reflector-antenna is heading into space, to “weigh” Earth’s forests. When unfurled, the space brolly’s 12m by 15m wire-mesh membrane will be part of a very special P-band radar system. It can look past the leaf canopy of forests to map the woody parts below.
[, 23 August 2022]

energy-positive adjective
UK /ˌen.ə.dʒiˈpɒz.ə.tɪv/ US /ˌen.ɚ.dʒiˈpɑː.zə.t̬ɪv/
An energy-positive building generates more energy than it uses.

Powerhouse Brattørkaia by Snøhetta, an Oslo-based architecture and interior design firm, has the goal of becoming the world’s northernmost energy-positive building and to set a new standard for the construction of the buildings of tomorrow, one that produces more energy than it consumes over its lifespan, including construction and demolition.
[, 6 February 2022]

parking barn noun [C]
UK /ˈpɑː.kɪŋ ˌbɑːn/ US /ˈpɑːr.kɪŋ ˌbɑːrn/
a type of car park for residents in a housing development where the aim is to discourage them from using their car for short journeys

New eco-homes planned in Oxfordshire will provide residents with a communal working space to help them cut the carbon footprint of driving into the office. The 180 homes will also require almost no heating or cooling because of the levels of energy efficiency. Homes will not have more than one allotted car parking space, but instead have the use of a “parking barn”, in order to “make residents think twice” about using their car.
[, 24 September 2022]

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  1. Parking barn is a good word.

    Often people are also “parking” things in their minds and hearts.

    The parking barn keeps cars off the street or the road and brings the neighbourhood together.

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