New words – 12 December 2022

a wooden serving board spread with butter and decorated with raspberries, figs, and honey, surrounded by pieces of bread
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butter board noun [C]
UK /ˈbʌt.ə ˌbɔːd/ US /ˈbʌt̬.ɚ ˌbɔːrd/
a wooden board spread generously with butter and topped with other foods, such as herbs, spices, fruit, sauces, etc.

If you’ve ever put together a charcuterie board, you know it usually costs a small fortune to buy all the fixings. Luckily, that’s not the case with a butter board. The simple ingredients make it a much more affordable option that still packs a punch and will leave your guests feeling just as satisfied.
[, 13 October 2022]

sourfaux noun [U]
UK /ˈsaʊə.fəʊ/ US /ˈsaʊr.foʊ/
bread that is labelled “sourdough” by the shop that sells it but actually contains cheaper ingredients and is made in a way that takes less time

Sourfaux, sold as sourdough, contains extra ingredients, such as yeast, ascorbic acid and yoghurt and vinegar. While these are not necessarily bad for you or unhealthy, it is misleading. When you are buying something, you should get what you pay for. Particularly when some of the supermarkets are charging a premium for that product. The Real Bread Campaign group says it wants to see a legal definition of the terms “sourdough” or “artisan bread”, so stores cannot “misinterpret” them.
[, 11 April 2022]

cloud bread noun [U]
/ˈklaʊd ˌbred/
a very light, sweet food, made by mixing egg whites with sugar and cornflour, then forming the mixture into round shapes and baking

First up, cloud bread isn’t actually bread at all – made of just 3 ingredients, egg whites, sugar and corn starch, it’s more soft baked meringue than loaf of bread. Essentially, don’t try to slice this up and stick slices of cheese between it.
[, 18 May 2022]

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8 thoughts on “New words – 12 December 2022

  1. Sourfaux is a product that is named or marketed using the word sourdough but that is made using one or more additives and/or an alternative raising agent (such as baker’s yeast or baking powder) in addition to or instead of a live sourdough starter culture.

  2. Ruth

    We need sourfaux to be added to the dictionary to help people understand the difference between real sourdough and the fake misleading stuff

  3. M. Arjunan

    The post detailing words used to describe children and their behavior is excellent. Also, It will be a delight if you could let me know the word “decribing someone who does his pos graduation
    not out of interest but because he has no idea what to do after the bachelor degree” All I remember is that I saw that word in one of the NEW WORDS series probably between 2019 and 2020 or before or after I absolutely have no idea where. Looking forward to receiving from you.
    M. Arjunan

  4. Ilgin Beaton

    Having the word ‘sourfaux’ listed in the dictionary will help raise awareness of the difference between sourfaux and genuine sourdough which is made without additives, so called “improvers’, enzymes, processing agents. It also will help people understand that if a product is made with another raising agent instead of a sourdough culture it should not cost as much as a loaf of sourdough bread does, as making bread with other raising agents or commercial yeast doesn’t take as long as sourdough does and it’s less labour intensive.

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