New words – 20 September 2022

two people using e-scooters in a city
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micromobility noun [U]
UK /ˈmaɪ.krəʊ.məʊˌbɪl.ə.ti/ US /ˈmaɪ.kroʊ.moʊˌbɪl.ə.t̬i/
the use of small electric vehicles such as e-scooters, normally used for travelling short distances within towns and cities

Micromobility devices may be privately owned, but are often shared-use vehicles that are maintained by a municipal government or private entity. Micromobility devices are particularly appealing to residents of densely populated areas, as they provide quick and convenient transportation to nearby destinations such as grocery stores, shops, or entertainment venues.
[, 10 March 2022]

moth motorway noun [C]
UK /ˌmɒθ ˈməʊ.tə.weɪ / US /ˌmɑːθ ˈmoʊ.t̬ɚ.weɪ/
a way of guiding endangered species of moth to an area where they will be able to survive

Scientists are to create “moth motorways” to provide an easier journey for insects migrating north as they try to escape the effects of climate change. University researchers combined data with computer simulations in an attempt to predict the movement of moths in a changing climate … “Utilising predictions like these would enable us to effectively create ‘moth motorways’, helping endangered species reach more suitable regions more quickly in their bid to survive.”
[, 22 May 2022]

hoverbike noun [C]
UK /ˈhɒv.ə.baɪk/ US /ˈhʌ.vɚ.baɪk/
a vehicle that travels in the air and looks like a motorbike

The flying motorbike is officially here! Japan’s new US$700,000 hoverbike, the XTurismo Limited Edition, targets supercar drivers – but it’s so loud that bystanders have to wear earplugs … The hoverbike joins other gadgets like jetpacks and flying taxis – but can it give Japan a technological edge over self-driving and electric cars?
[, 27 October 2021]

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2 thoughts on “New words – 20 September 2022

  1. Victoria, Australia has had a very contentious history with various forms of micromobility.

    For example the O-Bikes were thrown into the Birraung Marr [the Yarra] – Melbourne’s big river.

    And in local streets and roads various mobility scooters are not treated particularly well.

    Do you think people would have more respect for micromobility if they knew its place in the language?

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