New words – 18 July 2022

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fexting noun [U]
the act of fighting with someone by exchanging text messages rather than speaking on the phone or in person

If you’re the first lady, then having an argument with the US president via text message (or “fexting”, as Jill Biden called it) might keep marital disputes private from the Secret Service, but relationship experts have warned it could make things worse.
[, 3 June 2022]

algospeak noun [U]
UK /ˈæl.gəʊ.spiːk/ US /ˈæl.goʊ.spiːk/
words used on social media posts as a way of avoiding using other words that algorithms will identify as unsuitable or inappropriate

“Algospeak” is becoming increasingly common across the Internet as people seek to bypass content moderation filters on social media platforms … Algospeak refers to code words or turns of phrase users have adopted in an effort to create a brand-safe lexicon that will avoid getting their posts removed or down-ranked by content moderation systems. For instance, in many online videos, it’s common to say “unalive” rather than “dead.”
[, 8 April 2022]

crypto mugging noun [C]
UK /ˈkrɪp.təʊ ˌmʌg.ɪŋ/ US /ˈkrɪp.toʊ ˌmʌg.ɪŋ/
the illegal activity of attacking someone in order to steal their mobile phone and use it to take control of their cryptocurrency

Police have warned digital asset investors of a wave of “crypto muggings” in London, following a series of crime reports. While cybercrime usually takes place online, London police have revealed that criminals are stealing mobile phones on the street specifically to steal cryptoassets such as Bitcoin.
[, 9 May 2022]

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5 thoughts on “New words – 18 July 2022

    1. matthieu

      First, sorry for my bad english. “flexing” is indeed a noun. “to fext” would be a verb. When you have the structure “verb+ing”, it’s a noun. Maybe this page could help you : .
      Also, if you look in the cambridge dictionnary, you will see that every “verb+ing” word is referenced as a noun.
      For instance, for “making” :

      1. Kiesha Ellise L Escaba

        You call it gerunds when you are talking about the certain action as the topic in a sentence. But when you do it, like for an example, She is fexting with her boyfriend, so it becomes a verb. However it can also be a noun for an example, Fexting can be a way of expressing your anger through texting.

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