New words – 16 August 2021

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heat day noun [C]
a day when children do not have to go to school, and sometimes adults do not have to go to work, because the weather is too hot

But “heat days” might soon become just as regular an occurrence. With extreme temperatures blanketing towns in New Jersey, Connecticut and New York this week, schools in dozens of districts across the region where air conditioning is not always the norm closed early or canceled after-school activities.
[, 14 June 2021]

climate repair noun [U]
UK /klaɪ.mət.rɪˌpeəʳ/ US /ˈklaɪ.mət.rɪˌper/
the act of reversing the effects of climate change

The dangers of climate change are well established but action has been mired in economic and political arguments but, given its effects are diverse and global, there is no longer time to wait for action. Sir David King, the former U.K. chief scientific adviser, and current leader of Independent Sage, has launched an international advisory group of leading climate experts with a program to mitigate the consequences of climate change through emissions reduction, greenhouse gas removal, and climate repair.
[, 24 June 2021]

eco score noun [C]
UK /ˈiː.kəʊ.skɔːʳ/ US /ˈiː.koʊ.skɔːr/
information given on the packaging of food products, usually in the form of a letter and a number, that shows the impact the food has had on the environment

A pilot run in the autumn will see a range of food and drink carrying front-of-packaging “eco scores” for the first time, ranking the environmental impact of each item and allowing customers to easily assess whether they are buying goods that have a low-carbon footprint from suppliers focused on sustainability.
[, 27 June 2021]

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