New words – 30 November 2020

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awe walk noun [C]
UK /ˈɔː.wɔːk/ US /ˈɑː.wɑːk/
a walk outdoors during which the person walking makes a conscious effort to look at the objects, views etc. around them

Consciously watching for small wonders in the world around you during an otherwise ordinary walk could amplify the mental health benefits of the stroll, according to an interesting new psychological study of what the study’s authors call “awe walks.” In the study, people who took a fresh look at the objects, moments and vistas that surrounded them during brief, weekly walks felt more upbeat and hopeful in general than walkers who did not.
[, 1 October 2020]

bee broker noun [C]
UK /ˈbiː.brəʊ.kəʳ/ US /ˈbiː.brəʊ.kɚ/
someone who organizes the moving of bees from where they are kept in their hives to where they will be needed to pollinate trees and crops, and to ensure this is done safely

The Monsons don’t own these bees. The father-and-son team are bee brokers who serve as the middle men between beekeepers scattered throughout the eastern states and almond growers, facilitating the rental of hives for almond pollination, representing beekeepers to ensure their hives are safe and, when required, chauffeuring them from one job site to the next.
[, 20 October 2020]

wildbelt noun [C, usually singular]
an area of land where building and other development is not allowed, so that nature can be protected and restored

A new “wildbelt” designation protecting land that is being restored for nature must be included in the UK government’s planning reforms, it has been urged … This wildbelt designation would enable new land that currently does not do much for wildlife to be protected, so efforts to create or restore natural habitat or rewild the area are secure from future changes to land use.
[, 17 September 2020]

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  1. I think the word “wildbelt” describes a piece of land covered with “wilderness”: the belt is the proper wild area, I think the mind has to take many steps to relate the word to the laws to protect it.

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