New words – 11 July 2016

Anthony Lee/Caiaimage/Getty
Anthony Lee/Caiaimage/Getty
singlism noun the stigmatization or marginalisation of single people


[ 01 February 2016]

Are you a victim of singlism?

[Gracia (UK celebrity magazine) 01 February 2016]

otherize verb to make someone seem to be outside of and unlike the members of a particular group

‘The Trump campaign has attempted to otherize other candidates’,[…] that’s conservative commentator S. E. Cupp on CNN on Super Tuesday.                    

[NPR: All Things Considered (US news) 06 March 2016]

With ‘Otherize,’ Pundits Reach Outside The Dictionary To Describe Politics

[ (US news, headline) 06 March 2016]

neomasculinity noun an extreme ideology of male supremacy

The founder of a controversial ‘neomasculinity’ group called off a string of international meetups, including two scheduled in Iowa, after warnings from Des Moines police and other agencies this week…    

[ 04 February 2016]

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