New words – 4 July 2016

Paul Marotta/Moment Open/Getty
Paul Marotta/Moment Open/Getty
craftivism noun the use of hand-crafted objects, such as knitted items, in public places as a way of raising awareness of certain issues

These woolly acts are all examples of ‘craftivism’ or ‘craft activism,’ whose practitioners deliver large-scale political and public art statements with knitted and crocheted pieces.
[ 06 February 2016]

Brexiter/Brexiteer noun one who favours Brexit, (=Britain leaving the EU)

The Brexit debate is more nuanced, but the Brexiteer’s dream of unshackling the UK Europe, the ‘In’ camp will argue, is equally emotional and incoherent.
[ 22.02.16]

Here’s how to argue with a Brexiter – and win
[ 20 February 2016]

Trumpism noun the views and cultural and political statements of Donald Trump

It’s the causes that are already being lost that are able to generate the sort of anxiety and fear that’s the heartbeat of the culture wars. […] And we see that today obviously with Trumpism…
[WNYC: Leonard Lopate Show (US culture and current affairs) 13 January 2016]

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  2. The more new nifty words the better Lol!

    Keep up the great work 🙂

    P.s. Since I run a theology/volunteer site start making new and interesting words for religious studies discussions!

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  4. “Trumpism” is essentially a synonym for an earlier and equally shameful movement, the “Know-Nothings.” The earlier movement was openly racist and xenophobic, insisting that white protestant Americans could live without any connection to the outside world. I fervently hope that our gloriously eclectic, increasingly sophisticated electorate will follow precedent and reject the haters.

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