New words – 9 May 2016

generation_pauseclipped wing generation noun the generation of young adults who are unable to be independent from their parents because they cannot afford independent living costs

William Wragg, aged 28, is among tens of thousands of Britons who have joined the ‘clipped wing generation’ of graduates, despite earning £74,000 plus expenses as a Member of Parliament.

[ 10 February 2016]

genervacation noun a holiday taken by parents and their grown-up children which is paid for by the parents

While the rise of what travel firms are calling the ‘genervacation’ has been building for some time, it has received a turbo boost from pension reforms and soaring property prices.

[ 20 February 2016]

A large number of parents were caught up with guilt because their children can’t afford the holidays that they can, Mr Williams said. Travel firms have coined the phrase the ‘genervacation’ to describe the change.

[ 21 February 2016]

adultism noun discrimination against young people

Mizzou has developed a new guide to ‘inclusive terminology’ which ensures a healthy level of respect for all minority groups. It includes terms such as ‘adultism’ (prejudice against the young), ‘minoritised’ (when under-represented groups are made to feel inferior) and intersextionality (obscure).

[The Economist (UK current affairs magazine) 02 January 2016]

Unfortunately, not everyone takes the idea of adultism seriously, or even believes it exists. And it’s easy to see why – the idea that adults are biased to the detriment of the children in their lives is a sensitive topic.

[ 28 March 2016]

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  4. Darío

    Hello!, my name is Darío and learning some english, it is really isteresting new words or exprerssions. thasnks so much for sharing those words.

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