New words – 4 January 2016


wavy adjective slang stylish

You can be wearing wavy garms or wavy kicks.

[Heard in conversation (UK teens) 05 Jul 2015]





basic adjective informal unattractive, unpleasant and unsophisticated

Festival headdresses. Basic is the only word applicable here. [The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 04 July 2015]

calm! exclamation slang good; cool

‘Your ticket’s arrived.’ ‘Calm!’

[Heard in conversation (UK teens) 05 July 2015]

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5 thoughts on “New words – 4 January 2016

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  2. Nouble

    I don’t mind the word basic, but I think you might’ve as well used an example from At least, those people don’t have to sound professional. Then again, the Brits aren’t nice people.

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