Introducing a new author and a new weekly blog post!

by Cambridge Dictionaries Online​

About words

The English language is constantly changing. You know that. But did you know that at Cambridge Dictionaries Online we keep track of the changes?

We continually add new words and new meanings to our online dictionary for learners of English. Some of them are new to English entirely (neologisms), and some are new to our dictionary because they’ve become used much more often – maybe because of political or economic events, social or technological changes, or even a story that has gone viral.

From September 3, a new weekly About Words blog post will reveal how trends and developments in areas as diverse as technology, economics, food, media, fashion, and relationships areas are reflected in the new words and meanings that we have added to the dictionary.

The author of these new posts is Colin McIntosh. Colin is the chief editor of the new edition of the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.

You will notice that these posts use some high-level language, which we hope our readers whose first language isn’t English will find informative and helpful in expanding their vocabulary. As usual, we will be putting links to the dictionary definitions of key words in the posts.

So, to discover how Star Trek or Doctor Who have influenced the English language or which cute animal recently made it into the dictionary, and why, look out for the new series of blog posts, starting next Thursday!

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  1. Roumen Mihailov

    Very useful and helpful reading for people whose mother tongue is not English. Look forward to the next articles of Mr. Colin McIntosh

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