New words – 24 November 2014


ped-text verb to text someone while walking

I’m ped-texting, I’m looking down at my phone, 75 percent of the time.

[WNYC: Brian Lehrer Show (politics and current affairs) 15 April 2014]



kill switch noun a facility which renders a handset useless if it is stolen

Authorities have been urging tech firms to take steps to help curb phone theft and argued that a kill-switch feature can help resolve the problem.

[ 20 June 2014]

beacon noun a device installed somewhere, usually a shop, that sends alerts to mobiles in the vicinity

If the writing was not on the wall already that the use of proximity-aware beacons was the future of retail, now we have some data to back it up.

[ 17 June 2014]

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  2. Jackie Robinson

    Beacon is not a new word but you have allocated a new/another meaning to old words

    Yes I have had that email for 10 years and maybe more because of its original meaning

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