New words – 15 April 2013

hybrid camera noun a digital camera for which apps are available and which has many of the functions of a smart phone

The Galaxy camera from Samsung and the Coolpix S800C from Nikon are hybrid cameras that contain cellphone functions

[New York Times (US broadsheet, caption) 20 Dec 2012]

iLegacy noun Steve Jobs’ contribution to the world of technology, as evinced by all the Apple products

Steve Jobs has left us, the iLegacy is here to stay

[ 06 Oct 2012]

password wallet noun a piece of software which remembers all your passwords and automatically enters them for you

In the meantime, he recommends doing what I did, after thoroughly scaring myself researching this article: install a piece of software known as a ‘password wallet’, such as LastPass […]

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 06 Oct 2012]

Retina adjective trademark refers to a display method using a very high density of pixels

March provided Apple with its first opportunity to dominate the news after the firm unveiled its first iPad with a high-definition ‘retina’ screen.

[ 28 Dec 2012]

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