New words – 8 April 2013

etymythology noun a false etymology that has come to be widely known and so is generally believed

You’ve written that this misunderstanding, or maybe a better term for it is ‘evolution’ of what Black Friday really means actually falls into the wider category of something know as etymythology […] so what is an etymythology?

[ (US issues and ideas talk radio program) 22 Nov 2012]

faitheist noun an atheist who is nevertheless understanding and tolerant of religions and religious people

Salon runs an excerpt of the book, Faitheist: How an Atheist Found Common Ground With the Religious, in which the author explores atheist fundamentalism

[ 22 Oct 2012]

gran-lit noun literature that appeals to older women

Simultaneously Quercus launched Thursdays in the Park as an e-book. No one was paying much attention to the Kindle audience for gran-lit.

[ 11 Nov 2012]

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