New words – 22 April 2013

kitchenalgia noun nostalgia for the homespun domesticity of the 1950s as evinced by the success of craft stores and retro retailers such as Cath Kidston

On the same measure, vintage-style homewares chain Cath Kidston also saw sales break through £100m and earnings jump 13 percent to £19m as its distinctive brand of kitchenalgia which embraces the image of the 1950s housewife, proves irresistible to a generation who perhaps idealise rather than practise domesticity.

[The Observer (UK broadsheet) 02 Dec 2012]

meat fruit noun a meat dish that is constructed to resemble a piece of fruit

We were here, mainly, for the Meat Fruit. A fruit shaped ball of meaty plasticine. In fact, it’s a mandarin shaped chicken liver parfait. It was easy to see why Time Out made it the best dish in London. It’s a work of art, but also zesty and creamy and delicious.

[ 12 Oct 2012]

Stayed and had dinner with friends – obviously had a meat fruit.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 27 Oct 2012]

meat glue noun a powdered enzyme used to join pieces of protein, usually to join scraps of meat so that they appear to be one piece

We found out meat glue is used in some restaurants and even some grocery stores and we wanted to know why.

[ 07 Nov 12]

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  1. Luc 007

    “nostalgia for the homespun domesticity of the 1950s as evinced by the success” should probably read “as evidenced”, shouldn’t it ?

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