New words – 25 March 2013

boil the ocean idiom to undertake something that is vastly over-ambitious

This doesn’t mean you have to boil the ocean at your first attempt.

[ 09 Oct 2012]

buffling noun informal speaking at length and off the point in a business context

Even face to face you may find yourself baffled, as the world is awash with people who love ‘buffling’.

[Good Housekeeping (UK women’s magazine) Nov 2012]

co-opetition noun cooperative competition; an element of working together for mutual benefit between avowed corporate rivals

Microsoft and Google are archrivals on the business front, but they share a lot of customers. It’s a classic example of co-opetition.

[ 06 Oct 2012]

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3 thoughts on “New words – 25 March 2013

  1. recently – in some newspapers around the world – I’ve met an interesting new (maybe, the new for me only:-)) word – “Kidult”. The meaning of it, as I can understand, “young, but already independent, adult. The person, who’s interested only in entertainment, games, video- and computer’s tricks, etc.” So-called hybrid of “kid’ and “adult”

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