New words – 18 March 2013

Barbie flu noun the trend for young women to dramatically alter their appearance to make themselves look like human Barbie dolls

After one Ukrainian woman gained international notoriety for her transformation into a ‘living doll,’ at least two more have surfaced as devotees of the beauty trend, nicknamed the ‘Barbie flu.’

[ 18 Oct 2012]

pulchronomics noun the study of the economics of physical attractiveness

Hamermesh is the acknowledged father of pulchronomics, or the economic study of beauty.

[Smithsonian (US hist/sci/cult magazine) Nov. 2012]

virtual vanity noun feelings of insecurity over appearance brought on by seeing pictures of oneself on social networking websites

But surely if the virtual vanity is becoming too much, the easiest option is to log off?

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 01 Oct 2012]

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