New words – 1 April 2013

doorer noun a person who causes a cyclist to come off their bike by opening a car door, i.e. by ‘dooring’ them

A new word has been coined in the Big Apple to cover an increasingly common cause of death or injury — doorers. That means someone opens the door of a stationary motor vehicle and sends a cyclist flying in to the path of a passing car or bus usually with dire consequences.

[ 05 Oct 2012]

light quadricycle noun a two-seater car with a top speed of 28 mph that 16-year-olds will be able to drive

The Aixam Coupe S looks like a compact city car but is in fact a ‘light quadricycle’ which can be driven with a moped licence from the age of 16 – and it comes with a hefty price tag of £9,999.

[ 13 Nov 2012]

SMIDSY abbreviation standing for ‘sorry, mate I didn’t see you’, this refers to an accident caused by a driver’s failure to see another road user, especially a cyclist or motorcyclist

Was this Britain’s earliest SMIDSY?
SMIDSY is clearly nothing new. Drivers have been saying ‘sorry, mate, I didn’t see you,’ from the earliest days of motoring.
Although as the first drivers were all toffs, they probably never said sorry when they ran over the rural poor.

[ 31 Oct 2012]

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5 thoughts on “New words – 1 April 2013

  1. It’s happened to us but we used a term similar to ‘Tuther Mucker’! Also words like ‘dipstix’, ‘meat ballz’ n ‘phuquewitz’!
    Inconsiderate groups of pond scum also merely stand around yammerin n jawjackin in the middle of the supermarket aisles n shoppin center corridors providing imaginative descriptions of ideal choice woidz to convey the massive contempt.

  2. These all sound like whiney “excuse words.” Bikers can say they’ve been “doored,” but the causal person is best described as a “stupid idiot.” “SMIDSY” is also a way to make inexcusable stupidity sound like a minor offense. No way is this acceptable language.

  3. Mohammad Ahmed-jan

    There is another word I know with almost identical meaning. Doorprize. ( door + surprise) . This word can be found in Urban Dictionary:
    A doorprize is when a motorist opens a car door into the path of an incoming cyclist. A collision in which the door is always the victor.

  4. Emel

    Light quadricycle – sounds like it’s some sort of bike, but I gather it has an engine. Therefore I don’t think it’s a useful word.

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