New words – 8 October 2012

binge thinker noun someone who tends to worry or think about multiple subjects in an uncontrolled way

‘We’ve become a nation of binge thinkers with worry in-trays we can never clear, ‘ says stress expert Professor Cary Cooper from Lancaster University.

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 11 June 2012]

equine therapist noun a practitioner of a therapy involving horses in which people with psychological conditions ease their trauma by connecting with the horse and performing simple tasks with them

An equine therapist on Harley Street is gathering data to prove that it works.

[BBC Radio 4, 28 May 2012]

family balancing noun the ability to select the gender of a child in order to provide the desired gender mix in a family

Dr. Gillian Lockwood, Consultant Gynaecologist, Medical Director of the Midland Fertility Services debated for the motion ‘This house believes that PGD for sex selection for family balancing (gender selection) is a basic human right’.

[ 04 June 2012]

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