New words – 1 October 2012

glass cliff noun the tendency for women to be selected for posts where failure is a strong likelihood

Researchers have documented the ‘glass cliff’ in a wide variety of settings. In an examination of Britain’s 2005 general election, Ryan and Haslam ranked ridings by how secure they were for the Conservatives. Then they looked at the gender of the Conservative candidates who contested the election. As the likelihood of winning the riding declined, they found, the likelihood that the candidate was a woman increased.

[ 12 April 2012]

HENRY abbreviation high earner not rich yet; refers to a person with an income between $100,000 and $250,000

He says the middle class and the poor don’t have as much spending power as the HENRYs and the rich are scaling back.

[WNYC: Marketplace 18 June 2012]

nappy wall noun the barrier that prevents a woman with a young child from progressing in the workplace

That what too many women face nowadays isn’t a ‘glass ceiling’ because of their sex, but a ‘nappy wall’ if they choose to have a child as well as a career?

[ 15 June 2012]

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  1. I liked the word ‘Nappy Wall’, as it is stopping women to work comfortably and peacefully, as their mind is precoccupied with the worry of the child at home or at a creche, as most of the families are nuclear family. It is really causing great hurdles. In many cases where private teaching staff(women) take their child with them at school, even they are not able to concentrate on their teachings and thus teaching is affected badly. yes, a woman in a joint family is able to work comfortably despite nappy wall.

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