New words – 15 October 2012

banner blindness noun the ability to ignore banner advertising on websites

Banner blindness is a well-documented phenomenon. The modern-day internet consumer is well aware of, and used to, the standard advertising formats.

[ 12 April 2012]

textonym noun a word that is produced by predictive texting, that is not the word you want

Words added to the T9 dictionary take priority over existing textonyms.

[ 15 May 2012]

tweet seats plural noun seats in a theatre or concert hall given over to patrons wishing to tweet during a performance

The controversy around tweet seats often focuses on the physical disruption of the phone (the light! the tapping!), but it can also serve as a proxy to discuss the changing relationship of the audience to symphonic music.

[ 18 April 2012]

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  1. Harry

    “Tweet seats” are not unprecedented; some concert halls have long provided special seating for enthusiasts who want to follow the score. They are, however, usually in an undesirable part of the house, where the light and page-turning won’t disturb patrons in prime seats.

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