New words – 6 November 2023

a red pencil, biscuit and cup of coffee on top of the "Jobs and Careers" page of a newspaper, illustrating the concept of job applications and the "September Surge"
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September Surge noun [C]
UK /sepˌtem.bə ˈsɜːdʒ/ US /sepˌtem.bɚ ˈsɝːdʒ/
an increase in job vacancies that is said to happen in September every year

Dust off your resume, rewrite your cover letters and start posting on LinkedIn. That’s the advice we’re hearing for recruiters as we head into the fall and enter the “September Surge,” a time when it might be easier to land a job. But we know 2023 has been full of layoffs and economic uncertainty. So will the fall be any different? Is the September Surge real?
[, 28 August 2023]

burn-on noun [U]
UK /ˈbɜːn.ɒn/ US /ˈbɝːn.ɑːn/
a feeling of stress and exhaustion experienced by someone who has been working too hard for a long period but continues to be good at their job and appears to be enjoying it

Feeling overworked but not yet burned out? Often the problem is “burn-on,” an under-researched phenomenon whose sufferers desperately struggle to keep up and meet their own expectations — with dangerous consequences for their health … While those suffering from burn-out come to the clinic having already been brought to a standstill by depression, people with burn-on have often worked late into the night the evening before.
[, 3 December 2022]

See also burn-out

loud labourer noun [C]
UK /ˌlaʊd ˈleɪ.bᵊr.əʳ/ US /ˌlaʊd ˈleɪ.bɚ.ɚ/
someone who likes to tell colleagues about how busy and successful they are at work, when often this is not actually the case

It’s highly likely that at some point in your career, you’ve encountered a “loud labourer”. These are the people who love to toot their own horn. They’re constantly banging on about all the great stuff they’ve done … so much so that they hardly have time to actually complete their work. But that doesn’t matter, because to a loud labourer, work is not about productivity, but the appearance of it.
[, 28 August 2023]

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