New words – 23 October 2023

a picture of a young man in business clothing holding a laptop close to his face and staring intently at the screen, illustrating the concept of 'screen apnoea'
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screen apnoea noun [U]
/ˈskriːn ˌæə/
the situation where someone stops breathing properly when they are looking at the screen of their mobile phone or similar device

The lack of movement that comes from sitting in front of a screen might also be a contributor to screen apnoea, says Dr David Spiegel. Disrupted breathing is the result of “a combination of not just what you’re doing but what you’re not doing,” he says, adding that he noticed screen apnoea among patients who worked high-stress jobs for long hours without getting much exercise or sleep.
[, 29 August 2023]

See also sleep apnoea

soft troll noun [C]
UK /ˌsɒft ˈtrəʊl/ US /ˌsɑːft ˈtroʊl/
a person who criticizes or makes nasty comments about someone on the internet but only to other people and not directly to the person in question

Have you ever hate-followed fake friends or acquaintances, revelled in online spats or screenshotted someone’s post to bitch about in your group chat? You could be a soft troll.
[, 28 August 2023]

See also troll

rage farming noun [U]
UK /ˈreɪdʒ ˌfɑː.mɪŋ/ US /ˈreɪdʒ ˌfɑːr.mɪŋ/
the activity of posting content on social media that aims to make the reader angry and then share the content with other users

A term which has recently entered common parlance is “rage farming” – a manipulative tactic by bloggers or journalists to elicit outrage with the goal of increasing internet traffic, online engagement, revenue and support. Imagine that one individual who, when they appear on your timeline or tv screen, creates an instantaneous feeling of deep, unbridled anger. It seems this reaction is not just unproblematic for such individuals but eminently desirable.
[, 18 January 2023]

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  1. Mika

    speaking from a Chinese perspective, please do put insert audio function so that we could all learn how to speak these new words. tks

  2. Had had no idea about SCREEN apnoea.

    Rage farming and soft trolling are familiar to me, though.

    “It seems this reaction is not just unproblematic for such individuals but eminently desirable.”

    So Slugger O’Toole – does this mean that they like it?

    Or they like what they do to you?

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