New words – 9 October 2023

a group of smiling businesswomen looking at the camera and raising their fists to show strength, illustrating the concept of power skills
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power skills noun [plural]
UK /ˈpaʊə ˌskɪlz/ US /ˈpaʊ.ɚ ˌskɪlz/
a set of abilities that are essential for doing your job well but are not specific to any one job

Those who have strong communication, organisational and interpersonal skills find they can adapt quickly to new roles and flourish in busy workplaces. For too long these qualities have been known as soft skills, but increasingly voices in the recruitment sphere are referring to them as power skills because of the impact they have on the workplace.
[, 14 August 2023]

resenteeism noun [U]
UK /re.zənˈtiː.ɪ.zᵊm/ US /re.zənˈtiː.ɪ.zᵊm/
staying in a job that makes you very unhappy because it provides security or you have no other job to go to

Unlike quiet quitting, where workers refuse to take on extra tasks, workers with resenteeism can’t help but have a moody, negative attitude. As Jason Lalljee notes, “What makes resenteeism different from normal 9-to-5 blues, in theory, is that you’re more open with your dissatisfaction at work.” I believe that if leaders don’t take action, resenteeism can spread among staff members, sabotaging team morale.
[, 21 April 2023]

See also presenteeism

shift shock noun [C]
UK /ˈʃɪft ˌʃɒk/ US /ˈʃɪft ˌʃɑːk/
a feeling of surprise and disappointment when you start a new job and discover that it, or the company, is not as good as you expected

Shift shock can come as a result of different working hours to the ones you thought you would have (perhaps you were told in your interview you’d “probably” be working 9-5, Monday to Friday, but were advised to be flexible to meet business needs… then you got started and learned you’d be working every weekend), having unexpected responsibilities on your to-do list or discovering that a company’s culture isn’t as lovely as it appeared.
[, March 2023]

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9 thoughts on “New words – 9 October 2023

  1. Why weren’t power skills in the dictionary earlier?

    It does make sense to claim our power with our interpersonal – and intrapersonal – skills.

    RESENTEEISM really does fill in a gap in the panthenon of job feedback and thoughts.


    [also there might be a sense of jobseeker’s remorse – but no-one has invented that yet].

  2. I also had another thought about SHIFT SHOCK.

    So much of what we like or dislike about our jobs – and how we feel safe and comfortable – does seem to shift upon a dime, as many Americans might say.

  3. Vinicius Novaes

    I’d say RESENTEEISM is the story of most people’s lives to some extent. I really like that word. As an ESL student, I find English to be not only quite rich in terms of vovabulary but also very specific as far as desciption goes.

  4. Debora

    I have a coworkers that might can be an example of Resenteeism. She tend to complain about getting a new job and ask for another opportunity openly. I thought she was joking, but it turns out she has submitted a resigned letter -not the time she complained, but a few year later.

      1. Karen

        At least she is practicing. If it’s good or not, it’s none of your business. Go find a better job instead

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