New words – 18 September 2023

a photo of a family of two adults and two children seated on hay bales in a trailer that is being driven through a field in autumn, representing the concept of a haycation
Ken Redding / The Image Bank / Getty

haycation noun [C]
a holiday spent on a farm, during which the guests sometimes help out with the farm work

Check out of the city life for a few days and check into a stay that’s raw, real, and rural. A haycation on a family-owned farm is good for the soul and a fast track to connecting with a more grounded way of life. Pack the car, pop on some hard-wearing denim, and spend a few nights at any one of these regional stays.
[, 15 February 2023]

trip lit noun [U]
/ˈtrɪp ˌlɪt/
a type of book whose story takes place in the city or country you are going to for your holiday

This summer, why not take a break with the most escapist “new” book trend – let’s call it “trip lit”. “Trip lit” per se is not a new concept for us, but nevertheless we are delighted to see that the idea of travelling by book is becoming much more mainstream and the pleasures of walking into new environments and wonderful settings are being appreciated.
[, 4 August 2023]

gamma destination noun [C]
/ˌgæm.ə ˌdes.təˈneɪ.ʃᵊn/
a place to go on holiday that very few other people in the world go to

Over the next five years, high-net-worth explorers will increasingly be avoiding over-crowded “alpha destinations”. Even “beta destinations” such as Rwanda and Antarctica will start to become overly busy at certain times of year. As luxury travellers dream of even more extreme adventures, there is a greater opportunity to devise trips to emerging gamma destinations that offer an array of entirely new experiences.
[, 27 November 2022]

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  1. Thanks for your wishes for this week, Lali!

    HAYCATION is an intriguing concept.

    And I knew about World Cities; Alpha Cities; and Beta Cities.

    When it comes to Antarctica – the melting of the ice!

    Has anyone been on a Trip Lit? or a Lit Trip?

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