New words – 14 August 2023

a pile of red and black gummies spilling out of a brown medicine bottle, representing the concept 'candyceuticals'
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candyceutical noun [usually plural]
UK /ˌkæn.diˈsuː.tɪ.kᵊl/ US /ˌkæn.diˈsuː.t̬ɪ.kᵊl/
a small, chewy, coloured sweet that contains vitamins or other ingredients to improve your health

The booming market in chewable supplements needs to be taken seriously because these products “aren’t benign”, health experts have warned. The appearance and marketing of these so-called “candyceuticals” has a role to play in their attraction, experts say.
[, 5 July 2023]

pangenome noun [U]
UK /ˌpænˈdʒiː.nəʊm/ US /ˌpænˈdʒiː.noʊm/
the complete set of genetic material of humans from different geographical and ethnic origins

More than 20 years after scientists first released a draft sequence of the human genome, the book of life has been given a long-overdue rewrite. Unlike the previous reference the new “pangenome” incorporates near-complete genetic sequences from 47 men and women of diverse origins, including African Americans, Caribbean Islanders, East Asians, West Africans and South Americans.
[, 10 May 2023]

robotherapist noun [C]
UK /ˈrəʊ.bəʊ.θer.ə.pɪst/ US /ˈroʊ.boʊ.θer.ə.pɪst/
a robot that can massage someone to treat pain and injury, in a similar way to a physiotherapist

Enter the Backhug: a robotic therapist equipped with 26 mechanical fingers to scan the unique curvature of your spine and press away stiffness in the joints of your back, neck and shoulders. When I was invited to try one of these “robotherapists”, I jumped at the chance. Despite taking regular exercise, I suffer from many complaints, and was intrigued to see what difference six weeks of daily massage could make.
[, 7 July 2023]

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