New words – 24 July 2023

a luxurious modern bathroom with plants, large windown, seats and a free-standing tub
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spathroom noun [C]
UK /ˈspɑːθ.ruːm/ US /ˈspæθ.ruːm/
a bathroom that has been designed to be very clean, comfortable and relaxing, like a spa

More people are looking to incorporate wellness into their home, particularly in the bathroom. The focus is on creating a “spathroom”, a bathroom/spa hybrid that promotes serenity and calm. Good lighting is a spathroom essential, as light has a huge effect on our wellbeing.
[, 24 February 2023]

bed rotting noun [U]
UK /ˈbed ˌrɒt.ɪŋ/ US /ˈbed ˌrɑː.tɪŋ/
the habit of spending a lot of time in bed to relax

As experts and introverts continue to tout the benefits of self-care, “bed rotting” has become one of the most popular forms of recouping. While it may sound extreme “bed rotting” just refers to lying in bed for long periods of time … While people have laid around and stayed in bed for long periods of time for years, many Gen Zers online note that “bed rotting” has to be intentional and come with no guilt to really count and be regenerative.
[, 29 May 2023]

table gown noun [C]
/ˈteɪ.bᵊl ˌgaʊn/
an expensive tablecloth usually made from shiny or sparkling material and highly decorated

Summerill & Bishop, which has been adorning the smartest tables since launching its fashion-forward collection of table linens eight years ago, has upped the ante with its new Couture collection of glamorous, sequin-bedecked “table gowns”. With a camouflage design inspired by the mottled bark on the London plane trees that surround the brand’s Holland Park flagship, each cloth is embellished with upwards of 260,000 sequins embroidered on to pure French linen.
[, 8 June 2023]

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