New words – 17 July 2023

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thirst trip noun [C]
UK /ˈθɜːst ˌtrɪp/ US /ˈθɝːst ˌtrɪp/
a holiday lasting a few days, taken during a period when there are no public holidays

With nearly 100 days between President’s Day and Memorial Day weekend, Americans are entering the longest stretch of the U.S. calendar without a federally sanctioned day off. This 3-day weekend drought leaves people parched for a getaway. New search data from shows a new trip type is quenching our thirst this spring: thirst trips, or short weekend stays that satisfy our desire for a day off by the pool.
[, 22 February 2023]

slowmad noun [C]
UK /ˈsləʊ.mæd/ US /ˈsloʊ.mæd/
a digital nomad (= a remote worker who travels to different locations) who spends a lot of time in one place

Many years later, with my teenage dreams still in mind, I left my Parisian apartment and became a slowmad. I started wandering in Europe until I discovered the concept of coliving and something I didn’t know I needed, a sense of community. Fast forward to early 2022 when I encountered the place I now call home: Château Coliving.
[, 19 May 2023]

lisness noun [U]
a type of travel where a longer holiday will include some time spent working, attending a business conference etc.

Between business and pleasure, we’ve identified a paradigm shift that we call “lisness”. The reverse of the old way – of tacking a day or two of relaxation onto a business trip – this is about planning a leisure trip and creating time in which to work. We’re seeing client travels extending into month-long ventures, with a 75/25 leisure/business split. With time to labour and time to lounge (or explore).
[, 30 May 2023]

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