New words – 26 June 2023

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supercloud noun [S]
UK /ˈsuː.pə.klaʊd/ US /ˈsuː.pɚ.klaʊd/
a single computing system where services such as storage, apps etc. from different providers can be easily accessed by the user

The answer proposed by the supercloud concept is to create another abstraction layer above this that operates agnostically of whatever cloud platform or platforms are running below it. This is the supercloud, where applications can be run in containers or virtual machines, interfacing with any cloud platforms underneath.
[, 4 April 2023]

exascale adjective
An exascale computer is very powerful, able to carry out one quintillion (1018) mathematical operations per second

Exascale supercomputers are the next frontier in computing. They can quickly analyze massive volumes of data and realistically simulate many of the extremely complex processes and relationships behind the fundamental forces of the universe—in a way that’s never been done before. Many industries and systems could be affected, including precision medicine, climate science, and nuclear physics.
[, 22 November 2022]

sky computing noun [U]
UK /ˌskaɪ kəmˈpjuː.tɪŋ/ US /ˌskaɪ kəmˈpjuː.t̬ɪŋ/
a way of accessing services, apps etc. on different systems on the internet through a top level to which all the systems belong

Sky computing has been described as “the layer above the clouds.” The term refers to a newer model of cloud computing known as multi-cloud, where organizations may pick and choose different cloud services from different operators according to their specific requirements.
[, 20 July 2022]

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  1. Turns out that quite a few of us have heard of – if not used so far – exascale computers

    and also are quite interested in sky computing.

    What a great idea to have everything from different operators.

    So if you needed something from Google and something else from Microsoft and something yet again from the Frightful Five…

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