New words – 12 June 2023

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password child noun [C]
UK /ˈpɑːs.wɜːd tʃaɪld/ US /ˈpæs.wɝːd tʃaɪld/
a humorous way of referring to a parent’s favourite child, supposedly because the parent will often use the name of that child as a computer password

It’s common knowledge that older parents are notoriously bad at remembering passwords, which is probably why they use the same thing repeatedly. And that usually involves using one of their kids’ names, so they have less of a chance of forgetting it. Hence, the creation of the password child. While every family has their own, they all tend to have one thing in common: They are mom or dad’s undeniable “favorite.”
[, 24 March 2023]

lucky girl syndrome noun [U]
UK /ˌlʌk.i ˈgɜːl ˌsɪn.drəʊm/ US /ˌlʌk.i ˈgɝːl ˌsɪn.droʊm/
the idea that you can make good things happen simply by imagining them happening and believing you are lucky

“Lucky girl syndrome” is the latest trend doing the rounds online, with the concept being that if you repeatedly tell the universe how fortunate you are, that you will be rewarded with that promotion, proposal or pay rise, depending on what you’re wishing for.
[, 23 January 2023]

Generation Beta noun [S]
UK /dʒen.əˌreɪ.ʃən ˈbiː.tə/ US /dʒen.əˌreɪ.ʃən ˈbeɪ.t̬ə/
a way of referring to the group of people who will be born between 2025 and 2039

Before we know it, Generation Beta will be here. Gen Beta will be born between 2025 and 2039. These new kids, just like the other younger generations, are projected to have different values, behaviors, and preferences than older generations. The technological advances they will live through will make today’s children look like amateurs.
[, 5 July 2022]

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