New words – 22 May 2023

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doomerism noun [U]
a feeling of worry and fear that a situation will not get better, especially with regard to climate change

Doomerism, or extreme pessimism, is an increasingly common attitude regarding the disheartening trends of climate change. It’s not uncommon to hear “We’re screwed, and nobody is going to help us.” While this attitude is understandable, it can distract from the fight against climate change.
[, 15 August 2022]

danger season noun [S]
UK /ˈdeɪn.dʒə ˌsiː.zən/ US /ˈdeɪn.dʒɚ ˌsiː.zən/
a new way of referring to summer because of the increased likelihood of droughts, wildfires and extreme heat caused by climate change

But summer isn’t what it used to be. The season is getting so hot that it might be time for a new name: “danger season.” … “Climate change has pushed a lot of these types of events into a new realm that is much more dangerous,” said Kristy Dahl, a climate scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists. “So as we were thinking about this season, and how we’re going to respond to it, the phrase ‘danger season’ seemed appropriate.”
[, 18 June 2022]

flash drought noun [C]
/ˌflæʃ ˈdraʊt/
a sudden period of little or no rain

Fast-forming droughts are occurring more often and with greater speed in many parts of the world due to climate change, a new study finds. These “flash droughts” are replacing more typical, slower ones and are harder to predict and prepare for, which could make their management more difficult.
[, 13 April 2023]

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  1. Victor Palacios

    While informing or educating people about how to behave correctly in their habitats is very needed, climate change is a redundant concept since climate always changes, lets be more proactive and use all coperative tasks to help adapt to every climate situation now more than ever before cause we have so much tecnology just lest share it properly without prompting for fear, remembering that fear makes a lot of people to paralize or act incorrectly.

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