New words – 21 November 2022

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brown noise noun [U]
/ˌbraʊn ˈnɔɪz/
a type of sound that resembles a low rumble or the noise the sea makes, thought by some people to encourage sleep and relaxation

Welcome to the cult of brown noise, a sometimes hazily-defined category of neutral, dense sound that contains every frequency our ears can detect. Brown noise is like white noise but has a lower, deeper quality … There have been few studies on using brown noise as a sleep aid, though one of the claims floating around TikTok is that it can help you nod off.
[, 23 September 2022]

motion pillow noun [C]
UK /ˈməʊ.ʃən ˌpɪl.əʊ/ US /ˈmoʊ.ʃən ˌpɪl.oʊ/
a type of pillow that automatically adjusts the position of the sleeping person’s head when it detects that they are snoring

With innovative sleeping technology like a motion pillow, individuals suffering from chronic snoring enable uninterrupted nasal breathing. When this device detects snoring, it inflates and gently adjusts the user’s head without causing disturbances to alleviate snoring slowly. In turn, the person can avoid releasing annoying sounds at night and enable a restful sleep for their roommates.
[, 31 August 2022]

nap box noun [C]
UK /ˈnæp ˌbɒks/ US /ˈnæp ˌbɑːks/
a type of narrow cupboard designed for someone to stand in while they have a short nap, the inside having special shelves to support the person’s head and body

The workforce in Japan is apparently so overwhelmed that two companies are partnering up to create new upright “nap boxes.” Illustrations of the new design show neutral, innocuous-looking tubes with midcentury-inspired wooden legs. The shelves inside act like full-body armrests — helpful for preventing users from falling over as they doze off between meetings.
[, 15 July 2022]

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2 thoughts on “New words – 21 November 2022

  1. Wow!

    I have read about noises of every colour: white noise; pink noise – and, yes, BROWN noise.

    [possibly there are red; green; blue noises – though those colours belong more to light than to sound].

    And I have probably “heard” yellow wavelengths.

    All the waves involved to “make” these noises.

    [and this is where Cambridge physicists might well have dipped in!]

    I used brown noise-type devices in late 2020 and mid-2021.

    Now the nap boxes – I wonder if our Japanese futurists could or would tell us what they are really like?

    Motion pillows which detect snoring?

    Thank you for this lexical analysing of the sleep science and its emergent properties.

    Another question about the nap boxes: do they have mirrors at all?

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