New words – 17 October 2022

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centennial noun [C]
someone who was born between the late 1990s and the early 2010s

From baby boomers, to generation X, all the way up to millennials, each age group has their own characteristics and their distinct way to act. That also applies for one of the youngest generations: centennials. But, is it really all that important? Yes! It is important in a context where centennials will make up to 27% of the job market by 2025.
[, 19 July 2022]

silver exodus noun [S]
UK /ˌsɪl.vər ˈek.sə.dəs/ US /ˌsɪl.vɚ ˈek.sə.dəs/
a trend in the employment market beginning in 2021 that has seen a much larger number of older people than usual stop working

If you thought it was only young people fleeing the workforce, think again. The UK is currently seeing a large number of over-50s resigning en masse from the workforce at a startling rate – known as a “silver exodus”. According to The Times newspaper, around 300,000 more workers aged between 50 and 65 are now considered “economically inactive” than before the pandemic, meaning that these older workers are neither employed nor seeking a job.
[, 1 June 2022]

nepo baby noun [C]
UK /ˈnep.əʊ ˌbeɪ.bi/ US /ˈnep.oʊ ˌbeɪ.bi/
the child of an actor, a musician etc. who achieves success because of their famous parent

They would just like to add that Hollywood nepotism is more complicated than it appears, and just because one is born a nepo baby does not mean they aren’t also human beings with emotions and nuanced inner lives as they navigate a harsh spotlight in the social media era and try to live up to enormous expectations.
[, 1 August 2022]

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5 thoughts on “New words – 17 October 2022

  1. I have heard people being called “nepo babies” in online and offline life [and may even have been called one myself – had we the concept in the 1990s and 2000s].

    [Back in the 1990s nepotism was Just Not Cool].

    The Silver Exodus – “grey” and “silver” might just be interchangeable in that expression.

    [to take another example – the Grey Nomads are seldom if ever Silver – unless charging on someone’s card]

    As for the Centennials:

    You are seen!

    And the job market is three years away for many of you.

    Perhaps one of you might be a “lexicographer” or a “linguistic curator”.

    The key word for silver exodus seems to be EXODUS.

    What do you think?

    1. Apple:

      Zoomers are great; and so is GenZ.

      Other people might like the rhythm and the continuity with their elder siblings and cousins; the Millennials.

      The question is what do we call the Alphas? The Perennials?

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