New words – 10 October 2022

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director of first impressions noun [C]
UK /dɪˈrek.tər əv ˌfɜːst ɪmˈpreʃ.ᵊnz/ US /dɪˈrek.tɚ əv ˌfɝːst ɪmˈpreʃ.ᵊnz/
someone who works in an office or hotel and whose job is to welcome and help visitors

While directors of first impressions may work under various job descriptions, they must invariably succeed at one common goal: To set a warm, friendly and competent tone for all future interactions. As the first and most public face of a company, a director of first impressions knows better than anyone that it’s not always easy to make a great first impression. It’s the unfavorable impressions that you and your staff want to avoid.
[, 25 March 2022]

disco nanny noun [C]
UK /ˈdɪs.kəʊ ˌnæn.i/ US /ˈdɪs.koʊ ˌnæn.i/
someone whose job is to look after a family’s children overnight during a holiday, while the parents go out to parties and nightclubs

The 21-year-old hasn’t been partying in the island’s superclubs, but working as a “disco nanny” – a growing cohort in luxe European hotspots who watch holidaymakers’ children while the parents cut loose into the small hours. And beyond: Roig often finds herself at charges’ homes until noon the following day, when they are finally ready to face the world – and their own offspring – again.
[, 2 September 2022]

luxury detective noun [C]
UK /ˈlʌk.ʃər.i dɪˌtek.tɪv/ US /ˈlʌk.ʃɚ.i dɪˌtek.tɪv/
someone whose job is to find rare and very expensive handbags, watches, jewellery etc. for other people to buy

From a barn in Hertfordshire, the luxury detectives at Xupes can source whichever collectible designer accessory you desire – for a price … When luxury detective Reece Morgan tells me about sourcing [a handbag] and describes how “she” was so beautiful and her presence so “alluring”, I think he must be talking about the highly demanding, wealthy customer who gets to use it. “No, I mean the bag,” he says, like I’m the mad one.
[, 13 August 2022]

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2 thoughts on “New words – 10 October 2022

  1. I have a feeling that disco nannies have been around since the world of disco itself.

    Though their role has changed over the last 50 and 60 years.

    I am surprised this word has not been around as long as the Disc Jockeys.

    Handbags really do have personalities of their own – like the Hermes or the LV.

    Other luxury goods are much the same – and so very unique and rare.

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