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ghost colleague noun [C]
UK /ˈgəʊst ˌkɒl.iːg/ US /ˈgoʊst ˌkɑː.liːg/
an employee of a company who works alone, often at home, and is not in frequent contact with other people who work for the same company

Two years of remote working have taken their toll on work relationships and company culture, giving rise to ‘ghost colleagues’. These are employees who, because they don’t directly work with many others, end up being ‘forgotten’. They tend to feel isolated from others and from the overall direction of the company.
[, 5 April 2022]

new collar worker noun [C]
UK /ˌnjuː kɒl.ə ˈwɜːk.əʳ/ US /ˌnuː kɑː.lɚ ˈwɝːk.ɚ/
A new collar worker does a well-paid and challenging job that does not need a university degree.

You know what white-collar and blue-collar jobs are, but what if you never went to college, and still scored an intellectually stimulating and challenging job that paid over $100,000 a year? Well, then, you’d be a “new collar” worker. Companies that want some sort of edge are specifically targeting new collar workers these days. Many firms are forging relationships with colleges and high schools to train new collar workers so that immediately upon graduation, they’re ready to start working.
[, 5 October 2021]

office housework noun [U]
UK /ˌɒf.ɪs ˈhaʊs.wɜːk/ US /ˌɑː.fɪs ˈhaʊs.wɝːk/
small tasks someone does at work that are related to the smooth running of the company rather than being part of the job they are paid to do

Over years of research they found that across the public and private sectors, and a wide range of roles, female employees were shouldering the burden of “office housework” and low-value assignments, causing them to miss out on promotions and pay increases.
[, 9 May 2022]

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