New words – 27 June 2022

small knitted models of hot air balloons hanging from a tree
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kniffiti noun [U]
UK /nəˈfiː.ti/ US /nəˈfiː.t̬i/
knitted or sometimes crocheted items that are left in public places as decoration

A new generation of guerrilla knitters are sweeping Britain, “yarnbombing” lampposts, postboxes and fences. Those in Generation Z, roughly aged 15 to 24, are getting behind the trend, which is also known as kniffiti, where a person crochets or knits something and attaches it to public property. Young Britons are “doing kniffiti in a big way”, according to Emma Leith, who runs knitting classes across the UK.
[, 16 April 2022]

coastal grandmother noun [U]
UK /ˌkəʊ.stᵊl ˈgræn.mʌð.əʳ/ US /ˌkoʊ.stᵊl ˈgræn.mʌð.ɚ/
a way of dressing that is inspired by the typical simple, elegant style of rich, older women who live by the sea on the east coast of the United States

Think Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give, Meryl Streep in It’s Complicated, or practically every scene in Grace and Frankie. These women have aspirational lives filled with farmers markets, glasses of white wine on the veranda, relaxing walks along the beach with the wind flowing through your linen shirt. This very specific look and feel has a name. The ‘coastal grandmother’.
[, 4 April 2022]

hural noun [C]
UK /ˈhjʊə.rəl/ US /ˈhjʊr.ᵊl/
wallpaper on one wall of a room that features one large photo or picture

Forget Gwyneth’s 3D wallpaper, the bespoke mural is the ultimate in living room one-upmanship. Popularity of the home mural, aka the hural, has surged, with searches for “wall mural wallpapers” increasing by 132 per cent and “living room murals” by 48 per cent, according to Homes & Gardens magazine.
[Sunday Times, 1 May 2022]

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5 thoughts on “New words – 27 June 2022

  1. I thought HURAL was a hologram-mural when I first read it.

    Certainly a big thing in the world of interior design – where feature walls are often made for householders and customers.

    And in our Internet of Things it would be a display for the near or midterm future.

    When it comes to the Coastal Grandmothers – a film I saw last year about captures it.

    BLACKBIRD is that film.

    I thought yarnbombing was a fairly innovative term when I first heard it [and saw it in various crafty and activist contexts].

    Thanks Emma Leith for KNITFITTI!
    [though I’m not sure how many Fs it should have – 1 or 2?]

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