New words – 13 June 2022

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flu hunter noun [C]
UK /ˈfluː ˌhʌn.təʳ/ US /ˈfluː ˌhʌn.t̬ɚ/
a scientist who looks for new strains of flu so that an effective vaccine can be developed

Last month, a small group of international scientists met to decide an issue critical to the health of millions of people all over the planet. For once, it wasn’t about coronavirus, although these experts know a lot about that, too … It’s an adversary potentially as much of a threat as Covid. These scientists are the flu hunters – heads of a handful of international institutions who track this old foe as it evolves and disperses in its own fight for survival.
[, 19 March 2022]

treat brain noun [U]
/ˈtriːt ˌbreɪn/
a state of mind where someone constantly wants to buy things because doing so makes them feel good

“Treat brain” is a very real phenomenon … Providing our frazzled minds with distractions was another factor involved in the rise of treat brain. The hit of dopamine from buying something new helped divert our attentions from surging death tolls and shoddy government decisions.
[, 10 March 2022]

posture pandemic noun [C]
UK /ˌpɒs.tʃə pænˈdem.ɪk/ US /ˌpɒs.tʃər pænˈdem.ɪk/
the situation where a very large number of people have pain in the shoulders or back, thought to be caused by working at a computer or bending down to look at the screen of a phone or tablet

Dr Craig Mclean … has seen a rapid increase in clients seeking help for postural issues since the move to working from home was first announced. However, Mclean says that phones are actually the biggest culprit of upper body pain. Indeed, the problem is so pronounced that McClean predicts a “posture pandemic” among the younger generation. Figures from the BCA reveal that 68 per cent of chiropractors have seen an increase in children with issues linked to screen time in the last five years.
[, 15 September 2020]

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