New words – 23 May 2022

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vampire device noun [C]
UK /ˌvæm.paɪə dɪˈvaɪs/ US /ˌvæm.paɪr dɪˈvaɪs/
an electrical appliance that continues to use electricity when it is switched on but not being used

As millions of people continue to spend more time than ever before at home … households could save 16 per cent on their electricity bills each year just by switching off their vampire devices. Vampire devices are electronics that continue to drain power when left on standby and with the average annual electricity bill currently at £474.44, Brits could save an average of £75 per household per year … just by flicking a switch.
[, 18 March 2022]

black mass noun [U]
the substance that is left over after a battery has been recycled and that contains metals that can be used to make new batteries or other products

Once a battery reaches the end of its service life, it is collected, dismantled, and shredded. The shredded material is then processed to produce “black mass”, which contains high amounts of these metals. These critical materials can then be extracted from the black mass and re-used in new battery production or in new products and/or applications.
[, 10 September 2021]

freeze-thaw battery noun [C]
UK /ˌfriːz.θɔː ˈbæt.ᵊr.i/ US /ˌfriːz.θɑː ˈbæt̬.ɚ.i/
a type of battery where the energy in it can be frozen and stored for a long time, then thawed when it is needed

Scientists have created a battery designed for the electric grid that locks in energy for months without losing much storage capacity. The development of the “freeze-thaw battery,” which freezes its energy for use later, is a step toward batteries that can be used for seasonal storage: saving energy in one season, such as the spring, and spending it in another, like autumn.
[, 5 April 2022]

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