New words – 9 May 2022

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sleepless elite noun [U]
/ˌsliːp.ləs iˈliːt/
the small percentage of people who need very little sleep

One of the most famous sleep experts in Singapore … doesn’t really buy the idea of the “sleepless elite”, a term coined by the Wall Street Journal to describe a supposed 1 to 3 percent of the world’s population who require less sleep. He says there are stages of sleep that one needs to undergo in order to feel refreshed the next day – and four hours is simply too short for these stages to run their course.
[, 21 March 2020]

time millionaire noun [C]
UK /ˌtaɪm mɪl.jəˈneəʳ/ US /ˌtaɪm mɪl.jəˈner/
someone who places more importance on the amount of free time they have than on how much money they earn

Writer Nilanjana Roy coined the term “time millionaires,” or people that “measure their worth not in terms of financial capital, but according to the seconds, minutes, and hours they claw back from employment for leisure and recreation.” Time millionaires view a job simply as a way to keep a roof over their head and value their time more than tangible wealth.
[, 18 November 2021]

stresslaxation noun [U]
a feeling of stress that you experience when you try to relax

Even though stresslaxation is a new term, it describes relaxation-induced anxiety, which has been studied for years. This is shown to happen to between 30% and 50% of people when they try to do relaxing things, causing symptoms of stress (such as rapid heart beat or sweating). It’s paradoxical, given that people who experience stresslaxation may need to do something relaxing to de-stress.
[, 11 April 2022]

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9 thoughts on “New words – 9 May 2022

      1. Richard

        I think there is an implication that there is a degree of contentment that this is all the sleep that is required. In contrast, I think that those with insomnia are not happy with the amount of sleep they have – it is a source of discontentment.

        Therefore I think it more relates to the acceptance of the outcome rather than a choice.

    1. Malia

      Sounds like there’s a difference because the definition for ‘sleepless elite’ says that these people don’t actually need sleep, which would be a luxury because it gives them more time and I assume they wouldn’t feel as tired, whereas insomniacs don’t get the sleep they do need.

  1. Volodymyr Skryabin

    I think the expression “time millionaire” has a very deep meaning and it’s definitely yes

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