New words – 28 March 2022

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porch piracy noun [U]
UK /ˌpɔːtʃ ˈpaɪ.rə.si/ US /ˌpɔːrtʃ ˈpaɪr.ə.si/
the act of stealing a package that has been delivered and left outside someone’s house

Porch piracy is a huge issue in the US, and getting refunds is difficult. Only 54% of porch pirate victims were refunded when reporting a package as stolen. The survey showed that an average of 29% of Americans reported having had a package stolen from their porch, front door or mailbox.
[, 11 August 2021]

cosy crime noun [U]
UK /ˌkəʊ.zi ˈkraɪm/ US /ˌkoʊ.zi ˈkraɪm/
a type of crime fiction that is light-hearted and often humorous, is set in a small community and does not feature explicit violence

“There is a huge trend at the moment for cosy crime and, to a large extent, Osman is responsible but there was always cosy crime before. He didn’t start it… in a way it harks back all the way to Agatha Christie,” said RCW agent Sam Copeland. “I don’t think cosy crime has overtaken psychological thrillers but has certainly taken a bite out of that market.”
[, 9 November 2021]

petfishing noun [U]
a crime that involves attempting to sell someone a pet, usually a puppy or kitten, that has been bred and kept in bad conditions and is often unhealthy or ill

Petfishing is when rogue breeders or scammers attempt to sell people pets that have been reared in poor conditions. For example, they may use fake online adverts featuring stock images to dupe the buyer into thinking the puppy or kitten they want to buy is a certain breed or is being reared in a better environment than it actually is.
[, 19 November 2021]

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