New words – 24 January 2022

an ornate analogue watch with a decorated face
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dial artist noun [C]
UK /ˈdaɪ.əl ˌɑː.tɪst/ US /ˈdaɪ.əl ˌɑːr.t̬ɪst/
someone who is paid to alter a watch by painting it, engraving it etc. in a unique design

It’s hard to escape the current trend for personalisation … And now watches have got in on the act. When it comes to watch customisation there are two distinct routes: either go official and buy from a brand that is already offering the service, or go rogue and purchase from dealers and “dial artists” who can reinvent your Rolex and pimp your Patek so it’s truly a one-off.
[, 21 November 2021]

neck mess noun [C]
/ˈnek ˌmes/
an arrangement of necklaces of different lengths and styles all worn at the same time in a way that is deliberately untidy

If you’re looking for an easy put-together layered look this Christmas, then the neck mess is for you. But what exactly is a neck mess? The latest take on necklace layering, it is a perfectly imperfect assemble of your favourite necklaces. An artful arrangement of pendants, chains, and chokers, styled with a thrown together attitude. A trend with its own hashtag – #neckmess, this new, popular take on jewellery styling already has a devoted following.
[, 18 October 2021]

demi-fine adjective
Demi-fine jewellery is made from precious metals like gold and silver but is not as expensive as fine jewellery

In the world of Zoom, Teams and Google Meet, a wave of young consumers are investing in demi-fine pendants, earrings and chains to elevate their everyday wear on screen — without the fine jewellery price tag … While the jewellery market declined 18 per cent from 2019-2020 according to Euromonitor, demi-fine brands like Missoma, Catbird, Monica Vinader and Maria Black have seen double-digit growth.
[, 20 January 2021]

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