New words – 1 November 2021

hand holding a used plastic bag in front of two recycling bins
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wish-cycling noun [U]
putting an item in a recycling bin in the hope that it can be recycled, usually when the item is not actually recyclable

While the US recycling rate worryingly hovers around an at best estimate of 35 percent, wish-cycling might be a well-intentioned habit in an increasingly confusing and incomplete recycling system. But wish-cycling often does more harm than good and has consequences that can impact local programs and global recycling as a whole.
[, 4 August 2020]

energy island noun [C]
UK /ˌen.ə.dʒi.ˈaɪ.lənd/ US /ˌen.ɚ.dʒi.ˈaɪ.lənd/
a platform built on the sea that is used to generate and store electricity from wind turbines (tall structures with blades that are blown by the wind) that surround it

A project to build a giant island providing enough energy for three million households has been given the green light by Denmark’s politicians. The world’s first energy island will be as big as 18 football pitches (120,000sq m), but there are hopes to make it three times that size. It will serve as a hub for 200 giant offshore wind turbines.
[, 4 February 2021]

climate tech noun [U]
the business of using technology to create products and services that will enable society to adapt to the effects of climate change

Over the next one to two years, I predict that we’ll see a boom in climate tech startups, and startups that build the predicted effects of climate change directly into their business plans. Some of these companies will be explicitly ‘green,’ with business plans and marketing that directly address climate change.
[, 18 July 2021]

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One thought on “New words – 1 November 2021

  1. Rasheed Sufian

    English can be annoyingly funny sometimes.

    At first, I think wish-cycling has to do with having a wish bin where one’s wishes (don’t laugh, please!) are dumped for recycling, in the hope that they can be doctored and rewished.

    My mind extends this further by conjuring up ‘dream-cycling’ and ‘a dream bin’, both fashioned to follow the same explanation as ‘wish-cycling’ and ‘a wish bin’.

    Anyway, it’s lovely to play with English so.

    Love from Nigeria.

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